peiriant torri laser ffibr dur metel gyda raycus IPG ar gyfer torri metel

Peiriant torri metel laser ffibr dur o ansawdd da CO2 CNC gyda Raycus IPG ar gyfer torri metel


Cutting Area:20-200 x6500mm
Cyflymder Torri: 100m / mun
Graphic Format Supported:PLT, DXF
Cymhwysiad: Torri Laser
Amod: Newydd
CNC neu Ddim: Ydw
Modd Oeri: Oeri Dŵr
Meddalwedd Rheoli: Cypcut
Man Tarddiad: Anhui, Tsieina (tir mawr)
Ardystiad: CE, ISO, SGS
Gwarant: Blwyddyn
X-axis travel:7100mm
Y-axis travel:220mm
Z-axis travel:150mm
A-axis, B-axis:infinite rotation
Maximum acceleration:1G
X/Y positioning accuracy:±0.03mm

Disgrifiad o'r cynnyrch

Model features:

1. The machine is highly integrated, with good system performance and high life, automatic lubrication;
2. Highly automated, strong anti-interference ability and fast dynamic response;
3. Centralized operation, flexible processing, automatic cutting, pneumatic chuck clamping is convenient and fast;
4. Easy maintenance and maintenance, basically maintenance-free;
5. Using special laser cutting software, with the core technology of efficient cutting, it is the fundamental guarantee for effectively saving materials and improving cutting efficiency.

Product advantages:

ECO-FIBER-1530 laser pipe cutting machine can cut rectangular pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe, round pipe and special-shaped pipe at high speed, and profiles such as angle steel and channel steel.
It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high cost performance.
1. Horizontal structure, stable operation and high precision;
2. Intelligent cutting software to achieve intelligent cutting;
3. Import servo motor to improve the cutting speed of the whole machine;
4. Configure the automatic cutting and receiving system to be mass-produced.


Y diwydiant ymgeisio:
1. Fitness equipment, kitchen utensils industry, home appliance industry, bus manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing, agriculture and forestry machinery, household appliances manufacturing;
2. Laser cutting external processing services and other machinery manufacturing pipe processing industry.


Teithio e-X7100mm
Laser output power500W-1500W
Processing pipe range (diameter x length)The diameter of the round tube is 20-200x6500mm.

Square tube 20x20x6500mm-150x150x6500mm

Teithio E-Y220mm
A-axis, B-axisinfinite rotation
Teithio echelin Z150mm
System protection levelIP
PwysauAbout 7500Kg
X/Y axis fast moving speed100m / mun
Uchafswm cyflymiad


Cywirdeb lleoli X / Y± 0.03mm
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy± 0.05mm
Laser safety levelClass 4

Ein Gwasanaethau

(1) Pre-sale service
1.According to customer requirement, we provide you with the relevant professional technology information (including the specification, machine pictures, working videos, manual) and test samples by our machines.
2.Welcome to visit our company, we will let our engineer do marking or welding on samples. Seeing is believing, and it is better for future business.
3.We offer a reasonable price for mutual win-win cooperation.
(2) Sale service
1. We will make a working video and take pictures to customers for confirmation before delivery (within 15 days after receiving the total payment).
2. Machine will be packed into the standard wooden cartons, suitable for vessel or air transport, and marked the universal label, shipping marks.
3.Send customers commercial invoice, packing list, BL or AWB sheet, optional CO or FF or FTA or SASO for customer custom clearance.
(3) After-sale service
Warranty and Service included:
a. Hardware: one year warranty;b. Software: whole life on update for free.
c. Maintenance and technological support: whole life.